[Town(OP)-F1] The Infinite Street Town

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[Town(OP)-F1] The Infinite Street Town Empty [Town(OP)-F1] The Infinite Street Town

Post by Draterion on Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:56 pm

The player awakes to find there selves in this town when they first awake. Every direction the player sees many streets, that could be leading to many more streets that may branch into more, then finally exiting the town. In town, no player killers are welcome in. Only players who had not committed a crime yet were aloud to enter a town. Literally, the town gates would not let a player killer enter, there was an invisible wall. Towns are considered safe zones, unless you were to challenge another player to a duel.

In the distance, you see an NPC shop that had just started up, with one product.

Health Potion
350 Gold
Heals 5 Health, but takes a post

You purchase it if you have the money and continue on through the town.
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