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Post by Draterion on Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:46 am

For each completed Roleplay, a player will gain two skill points. For each level, a player will receive one skill point. Players also start out with two points to spend.

Each player may only have twelve skills, excluding extra/unique skills that may be found in quests and more.

Skill Ranks:
Rank 0(0 Points needed)- Unskilled
Rank 1(2 Points needed)- Novice
Rank 2(4 Points needed)- Expert
Rank 3(6 Points needed)- Pro
Rank 4(8 Points needed)- Master
Rank 5(10 Points needed)- Grand-master
Rank 6(14 Points needed)- A Super-Human
Rank 7(18 Points Needed)- Top Prodigy

Points reset each time you make it to a new rank.

The Passive Skills

Night Vision Cost 10. No Ranks. Allows the player to see in the dark.(In low light or darkness, the player does not face the de-buffs)

Search and Detect Each rank invested in this adds one to the loot dice.

Hide Please wait until further instruction with hide.

Precision Cost 10. No Ranks. This skill permanently adds 1 Accuracy.

Sprint and Acrobatics Cost 10. No Ranks. This skill permanently adds 1 Evasion.

Athletics Cost 10. No Ranks. This skill permanently adds 1 Damage and 5 HP.

Lock-picking You can pick door locks that are under or the same as your rank in this skill, with a 50% chance of lock-picking the doors that are one higher than your rank.

Purchase Negotiation For each rank, you get a 5% discount at NPC shops.

Weapon and Armor Skills

Bow and Arrow: +1 Damage per Rank. (On these, blacksmiths may craft ten arrows on one craft for the shooter)

Dagger +1 Damage per Rank.

One-Handed Sword: +1 Damage per Rank

Rapier: +1 Damage per Rank

Two-Handed Sword +1 Damage per Rank

Throwing Dagger +1 Damage and +1 Accuracy, but has a 20% Chance of losing Dagger.(Requires rank 3 in Dagger)

One-Hand Spear: +1 Damage per Rank

Two-Hand Spear: +1 Damage per Rank

War Ax: +2 Damage(but -2 accuracy on rank 3)

War Hammer: +2 Damage(but -2 accuracy on rank 3)

Metal Armor +1 Damage Mitigation per Rank

Light Armor +1 Damage Mitigation per Rank

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