How to Begin Role-playing

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How to Begin Role-playing Empty How to Begin Role-playing

Post by Draterion on Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:03 pm

How to Create A Journal may be found in the thread "basic form" in the journal forum. You must fill this form out before role-playing, and must also be approved by a Game Master or an Admin.

How to Roleplay

Once approved, players are then allowed to roleplay in the roleplay category, in any of the floors in which have been unlocked.This is how a roleplay title may look:

[SP-F1]Discovering the Secret

Here are the basic elements to the title:

SP- Solo Party:Done alone, no one else besides a game master or admin may post in here on any condition. Only roleplay that allows double posting.
PP- Private Party:Done in a group, but a pre-planned group.
OP- The most dangerous, as anyone may join a open party, including player killers.

F?- The Floor Number.

And while having the title, any members in the role-play besides the person who posted the topic must be listed like this:

[PP-F1] Could it be Him?(Azureth and Draterion)

When completely finished with the thread, submit the thread to a GM or Admin. They will close the topic, and you will also be rewarded 400 Gold for each full page(20 Posts). The gold is split equally then, unless both players agree on a different arrangement.

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