Spring is Coming!

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Spring is Coming! Empty Spring is Coming!

Post by Draterion on Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:54 pm

This quest will count in the benchmark
Floor 1
No limit on party size
Must be two pages(41 Posts or more)
Roleplay must be finished by the beginning of Summer

Spring is coming to the game! So it is as well in the real world! And it is time for some fun! But after a while, you hear chit chat about a big mini boss that is to be showing up in the Spring, but as a player you seek to see this so-called boss for yourself.

The Garden Guardian
100 HP
2 Damage per Attack

The Flower of Hope(+2 Luck, +2 Accuracy) [Unique Item]
2 Extra SP

Recommended Level:7

Level 5

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